(Gyula) Julius Vancso Curriculum Vitae

January 2016

Date of birth:           June 9, 1954
Citizenship:             Canadian/Hungarian

Present Address: 

University of Twente, Faculty of Science and Technology and MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology
P.O. Box 217, NL-7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands.

Phone: (31) (53) 489 2967 Secretary: (31) (53) 489 2974    
Fax: (31) (53) 489 3823 E-mail: g.j.vancso@utwente.nl
Group home page: http://mtp.tnw.utwente.nl/         
Personal home page: http://www.gjvancso.nl

Employment:University of Twente: Full Professor and Chair, Polymer Materials Science and Technology, Faculty of Science and Technology, since November, 1994. Head, Department of Chemical Technology, since January 2010.

Other appointments: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; School of Materials Science and Engineering, Visiting Professor since 2014.  Agency for Science and Technology, Singapore: Principal Visiting Scientist, Institute for Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), Singapore, 2006-2014. Elsevier Publishing House: (Founding) Senior Editor, Macromolecular Nanotechnology section of European Polymer Journal. Royal Society of Chemistry: Editor, Nanoscale.

Academic Appointments: Technical University of Catalunia, Barcelona: Visiting Professor, 2010.University of Twente: Associate Dean, Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Twente, May 2001-September 2002. University of California at Santa Barbara: Visiting Professor, January-May, 2001. University of Toronto: Associate Professor with tenure, Department of Chemistry, July 1, 1993 - April 30, 1995. Adjunct Professor, Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science, 1990 - 1995. Associate Professor, tenure track, Department of Chemistry, 1990-1993. Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, 1988-1990. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Institute for Polymers (ETH-Zürich): Lecturer and Research Associate, 1986-88. Research Associate, 1984-1986. Postdoctoral Fellow and Postgraduate Student 1983-1984. Central Research Institute for Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Science: Research Associate 1982-83.

Education: Postgraduate studies  (ETH-Zürich): Polymer Materials Science, Polymer Physics, 1983-84. Ph. D. in Solid State Physics and Statistical Physics ("summa cum laude"), 1982. University of Science "Eötvös Loránd", Budapest; and Central Research Institute for Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest. Thesis:" Physical Properties of Polyenes and Polyenyl Radicals as Model Systems for Conducting Polymers". M. Sc. in Physics  ("summa cum laude"), 1979. University of Science "Eötvös Loránd", Budapest; and Central Research Institute for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest. Thesis: "Dielectric Properties of Quasi-One-Dimensional Synthetic Metals and Semiconductors".

Current Research Activities: General information: Size of research group: +/- 25 co-workers in the Netherlands;

In Singapore +/- 5 associates.

Research group structured in three major clusters:

● Nanotechnology of soft condensed matter; single macromolecules; single optical emitters;

● Morphology, and structure-property relations of polymers and organic supramolecular materials at the nanoscale;

● Materials chemistry and surface engineering with stimulus-responsive polymers and organometallic polymers.

Techniques: Atomic Force Microscopy, single molecule optics, surface analysis, controlled polymerizations.

Publications: Over 500 publications, 10 book chapters, 1 book volume editor, 1 monograph co-author; 7 patents. Number of citations +/- 11500; h-factor: 51.

Ph.D. and Diploma Theses:

● Ph.D. Theses supervised and granted: 26 University of Twente; 3 University of Toronto.

● Ph.D. Theses co-supervised: 4 (ETH-Zürich; Tshinghua University Beijing; Mahidol University Bangkok; University of Catania, Italy).

● M. Sc. Theses supervised and granted: 28 (University of Twente); 6 (University of Toronto).

List of Ph.D. Theses supervised: 





Oya Tagit


Stimuli responsive polymer/quantum dot hybrid platforms modified at the nanoscale

Janet Acikgoz


Controlled polymer nanostructures by alternative lithography

Denis Dorokhin


Surface engineered quantum dots in photoelectrochemistry and supramolecular assembly

Edmondo Benetti


Molecular engineering of designer surfaces by controlled radical polymerizations: brushes, hedges and hybrid grafts.

Qi Chen


Chemistry in block copolymer nanocontainers:
Self-assembly, container properties and confined enzymatic reactions

Yujie Ma


Supramolecular Assembly with Ionic, Redox-Responsive Poly (Ferrocenylsilanes): Engineering of Interfaces and Molecular Release Applications

In Yee Phang


Marine Biofouling of Surfaces:
Morphology, and Nanomechanics of Barnacle Cyprid Adhesion Proteins by AFM

Monique Roerdink


Macromolecule-Substrate Interactions in Directed Self-Assembly:
From Tailored Block Copolymers with Polyferrocenylsilanes towards Functional Nanoplatforms

Jing Song


New Approaches in the Engineering and Characterization of Macromolecular Interfaces Across the Length Scales: Applications to Hydrophobic and Stimulus Responsive Polymers

Nina Dziomkina


Polymer Colloidal Crystals: Synthesis and Template-Assisted Fabrication with Controlled Structure and Orientation.

Ewa Tocha


Bridging Length and Time Scales by AFM-based Nanotribology: Applications to Nanostructured Ceramics and Polymer Surfaces

Shan Zou


Exploring Individual Supramolecular Interactions and Stimuli-Responsive Polymers by AFM-Based Force Spectroscopy

Igor Korczagin


Poly(ferrocenylsilanes) in Micro- and Nanofabrication

Nikodem Tomczak


Single-light Emitters in the Confinement of Polymers

Chuanliang Feng


Fabrication of Robust (Bio)interfaces Based on Reactive Polymer Films: Surface Confinement, Reactivity and Pattern Fabrication on Multiple Length Scales

Beata Marton


A Depth-resolved Look at the Film Formation and Properties of Alkyd-based Coatings

Attila Olah


Contact Mechanics of Polymer Interfaces: New Approaches in Testing and Control of Adhesion

Douwe-Wiebe van der Meer


Structure-Property Relationships in Isotactic Polypropylene

Barbara Dordi


Covalent and Supramolecular Functionalization of Self-Assembled Monolayers

Leon Beekmans


Morphology Development in Semi-Crystalline Polymers by In Situ Scanning Force Microscopy

Leon Segeren


Microparticle Adhesion In Xerography

Maria Peter


Engineering of Surfaces with Organometallic Poly(ferrocenylsilanes)

Jason Pickering


Interfacial Materials Properties of Polymers: From Mesoscale to Nanoscale Contacts

Rob Lammertink


Poly(ferrocenyl dimethylsilanes) at the Interface of Chemistry and Material Science Synthesis, Structure-Properties and Thin Film Applications

Menno van Os


Surface Modification by Plasma Polymerization: Film Deposition, Tailoring of Surface Properties and Biocompatibility

Holger Schonherr


From Functional Group Ensembles to Single Molecules: Scanning Force Microscopy of Supramolecular and Polymeric Systems

Zhanjie (Jack) Tan


Molecular Probing of Microstructures in Polymeric Materials: A Novel Approach Using Cluster Integrals

Raimund Jaeger


Structure, Chain Flexibility, and Relaxation Behavior of Selected Poly(thionyl phosphazenes)

Daniel Snetivy


Visualization of Macromolecules and Polymer Architecture by Atomic Force Microscopy


Co-supervised PhD Theses:

Weiqing Shi  2007         Nanomechanics of Dendritic Polymers and Organometallic Polymers, TsinghuaUniversity, Beijing/Jilin University, PRC (with Prof. Xi Zhang).
Kanjanee Nawamawat                 2008   Effect of non-rubber components on basic characteristics and physical properties on natural rubber form hevea brasiliensis, MahidolUniversity, Bangkok, Thailand (Royal Golden Jubilee Program) (with Prof. Jitladda Sakdapipanich).
Concetta Cirmi 2009    Mechanical Actuator by Electrochemical Response System,University of Catania, Italy (with Prof. Guido La Rosa).


Selected Awards:

● Elected External Member of the Hungarian Academy of Science, 2010.

● Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, 2010.

● NWO-TOP Award (Netherlands Foundation for Scientific Research), “Nanotechnology of Stimulus Responsive Polymers”, 2007.

● Visiting Professor “Pro Renovanda Cultura Hungariae”, University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, 2002.

● Dean's Performance Excellence Award, University of Toronto, 1994.

● Tenure, Faculty of Arts and Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto, 1993.

● Centerof Excellence Award by the Prime Minister of Ontario in Materials Science, 1989. (For nanoscale surface studies of polymers; funding of the first Atomic Force Microscope laboratory in Canada in soft matter science.)

● Young Investigator Award of the Hungarian Academy of Science for the Ph. D. Thesis in 1983.


Selected Major Committees:

● NWO-Netherlands Scientific Organization: TOP/VIDI and ECHO Program Committees, NWO Instrument Infrastructure Program (“Middelgroot”): jury member/chairman.

● International Symposia on Polymer Analysis and Characterization, Member, Governing Board, since 1998.

● Foundation “PTN” (“Polymer Technology Netherlands”), Board Member, since 2000.

● Hungarian Strategic (Large) Research Program OTKA, Central Jury Member, since 2006 .

● Science Foundation Ireland, Research Frontiers Program, Jury Member, since 2008.

● Hungarian Academy of Science, Chemical Research Centre; Member, Supervisory Board (since 2010).

● Max Planck Society, Germany, various advisory and director selection committees.

● FWO Belgian Scientific Organization, Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry Program, Jury Member (2003-2009).

● Agency for Science and Technology, Singapore, Institute for Materials Research, Science Advisory Board, 2001-2004.



● Over 250 invited, keynote and plenary lectures.

● Chair/co-chair and organizer: five major international symposia.

● Co-founder Lemnis Materials BV. (High refractive index- transparent polymer nanocomposites).

● Co-founder and President: Advanced Scanning Probe Solutions Foundation.

● Hobbies: Deep water fishing, downhill skiing, antique books, antique prints.